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MX Holdings/Matrix is a world-class US based fuel logistics and distribution company. Matrix is steadfast in its commitment to support the US Government and NATO Allies in challenging and critical locations, by aligning with National Security Objectives. Our experience and deep roots in the oil and gas sector are backed by a proven track record. We serve public and private sector clients across Europe and the Middle East in transportation, logistics, supply chain, and the oil and gas industries. Ensuring seamless operations for our valued partners.

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MX Holdings/Matrix is committed to excellence, Matrix supports both CONUS and OCONUS operations for the U.S. Government, while also serving international public and commercial clients around the globe.

Our exceptional team, comprising logistics specialists and highly experienced US Government veterans, with a combined 130 years of experience in DoD and NATO, consistently delivers mission- critical operational outcomes, ensuring unwavering success on every mission or project. Our history of proven performance underscores our dedication to achieving results.

Matrix fuels management team is actively engaged in various critical processes, including procurement, logistics, storage, and distribution.

Our European fuel terminal operations extend from the border of Ukraine to the Mediterranean region. Our bonded terminals have the expertise and capacity to consistently meet the requirements of each delivery.

Local Diversity for Swift Fuel Access: Our strategically diverse local facilities translate into rapid fuel accessibility. This not only cuts down client storage expenses but also guarantees punctual and reliable fuel deliveries.

Matrix transportation routes seamlessly linked to all major transportation routes, including roadways, railways, airfields, and other essential lines of communication.

Our collaboration with local companies provides us with a robust infrastructure, including over 100 on-demand vehicles, four regional terminals, and distribution hubs. This extensive network empowers us to streamline our asset utilization, minimizing downtime and significantly boosting operational efficiency.

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